Most girls who want to make a manicure with gel polish go to the house to the master or to the beauty salon.

Tools you need

Preparation for the application of gel polish

Let’s proceed to a detailed consideration of the procedure for coating the nail with gel polish.

So that the manicure does not differ from the salon and is of good quality, the surface of the nail plate must be well prepared:

First, the old coating is removed

Then remove the cuticle with scissors or a special liquid. The free edge of the nail is also treated.

It is given the desired shape with the help of a file, it removes the exfoliated areas of the nail plate;
A keratin layer is removed from the surface of the nail for a strong adherence to the gel polish.

This is done with the help of a buff or a grinding file.

All remaining dust should be brushed off with a small brush or napkin.

After this step, it is better not to touch the nails with your hands;
Often there are cases when natural plates after removing artificially grown nails become very thin and soft.

Nail plates of this type will not be able to provide strong contact with gel polish and will quickly break.

In this situation, a primer that does not contain acids and is safe for the body will help

It is applied to the main part of the plate and to the end to avoid the occurrence of detachments

Kalipso Gel Polish

The base coating is applied first. Do not allow the formation of a thick layer on the nails, otherwise it may simply not dry.and Therefore, all excess is removed from the edge of the bottle.

As close as possible to the cuticle, and then the base is gently applied throughout the nail,

without touching the skin of the side rollers.

The layer should be smooth, without roughness. It is dried in a lamp;
Now apply gel polish using the following technology:

Step-by-step instructions for Gel Polish Egypt coating

  • Just above the center, a drop of varnish is placed,
    which is pushed as close as possible to the cuticle, without affecting the skin
  • Next, a smear is carried out in the middle of the nail plate to the free edge. Two more strokes lead from the base of the nail to its edge, but already on the sides, left and right;
  • The last step is to seal the end. It is simply passed with a brush, painting over the spaces Gel Polish Egypt

Gel Polish

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