Hands watching a girl should always look perfect. Soft skin, well-groomed nails, modern contemporary design, color and style of nail art – all this will perfectly complement any image, from everyday to festive. Stylists at any time agree that neat nails are in the very center of fashion trends. Variations of designs can be completely different.

In 2023 , you can choose a manicure of bright colors, with interesting accessories and patterns. All this will help create a unique fashionable image. At the same time, in the trend of this year in the first place naturalness and femininity, which can be advantageously emphasized with the help of the correctly chosen nail design.

Tips for beginners

With their own hands, every girl can make a beautiful manicure. To do this, you just need to practice a little and follow the advice of experienced craftsmen.

Types of manicure, there are many. However, there are two main varieties.

  • The classic version is the removal of the skin around the nail, called the cuticle, with tweezers. Usually, a thicker and coarser dermis is treated in this way. Despite the prevalence of the method, it has a sufficient amount of negative qualities. With a lack of experience, the skin can be injured, which can cause inflammation due to microbes in the wound or infection. In order to make pruning quality and painless, it is recommended to pre-steam the epidermis in a special bath.
  • The European or unedged method may vary in execution, but when using it the cuticle is not trimmed. It can be removed or removed by an orange stick after softening with fruit or lactic acid. In addition, it can be processed with a special manicure machine with various cutters. This technique is painless and less traumatic. Great for those who are just starting to do hand care. Does not require prior use of baths.


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